30045 Hentze Lane, Junction City Oregon 97448          (541) 998-8944



For a small fee, you can save time and effort when you're ready to preserve your fruits, nuts, and vegetables from Hentze Family Farm.
We're unique in the Eugene/Junction City area because we have special equipment that prepares your foods for freezing or canning.
And, although we often have bags of the most popular items on-hand; if you call ahead with your request we'll have it reserved and waiting for you when you arrive.
  • Wash, snip, and cut green beans
  • Husk and cut corn
  • Wash and shell Peas
  • Wash and pit Cherries
  • Crack and shell nuts

When you're here, try a jar of our delicious homemade
Norseberry Jam
Made from our own family recipe.


  Here's a young Kalina Hentze pouring freshly-harvested cherries into the washer. Next Merle Hentze is shown placing the washed cherries into the cherry pitter. The pitted cherries are then packaged in bags, ready for you to can, freeze, or put directly in to your own pies. Just imagine all the time it would take you to do this yourself! (As you can see, not ALL the cherries that go in wind up for sale, thanks to Kalina's "quality control" tastebuds.)